Nicolas Sarkozy & Silvio Berlusconi

Certes il ne s’agit pas de science politique francophone à proprement parler, mais je tenais à recenser le premier à recenser ce papier qui compare les stratégies médiatiques de Silvio Berlusconi et Nicolas Sarkozy :

The Construction of Contemporary Leadership in Italy and France

In contemporary democracies the ascent of political leaders cannot be explained without referring to  their communication style and campaign strategies. This paper intends to analyze two different countries, Italy and France, which have recently experienced a remarkable increase of personalization and mediatization of politics. First of all, I will carry out an exploration of similarities and  differences in Italian and French electoral campaigns paying special attention to the role of media in the construction of leadership. Then, I will attempt at providing a comparison between the two leaders who have put their marks on recent electoral campaigns: Silvio Berlusconi and Nicolas Sarkozy. Both leaders are credited with a notable expertise in political marketing and news management. The analysis will highlight common aspects, but will also underline those different features allowing us to identify and design at least two distinct types of “mediatized” leadership. [12 pages]

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